Teaching Sensing, Mobility, and Cybersecurity this Summer 2018


Human-centered design methods: Reimagining sensing and mobility, Summer 2018 in the Jacobs hall

This 6 weeks-long design course explores reimagining mobile sensing devices (wearables, smart phones, mobile robots, security devices, on-board automotive devices, etc.) through the lens of cybersecurity awareness. Over the 6 week course, students will go through a human-centered design process (Research-Analyze-Ideate-Build-Communicate) on a mobile sensing design challenge. Our course is partnered with theDesignExchange (tDX) research group and students in this course will get benefit of free registration and support from tDX researchers throughout the semester.  This course satisfies the Design Skills requirement for the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation and the Human-centered Design Certificate.


This student is targeted at advanced undergraduate students (junior and senior standing), but the course is open to others as well. Students from diverse backgrounds, including non-engineering students, are encouraged to take this class.

Course Enrollment: http://classes.berkeley.edu/content/2018-summer-desinv-190-5-lec-5

The Jacobs Summer Course list: http://jacobsinstitute.berkeley.edu/summer-2018-courses/