People In Transit (PiT) at TU Delft & Design Doing at KLM Visit BRAVO


People in Transit (PiT) in the Faculty of IDE (Industrial Design Engineering) at TU Delft and Design Doing at KLM visited BRAVO at UC Berkeley. BRAVO hosted visitors from the Netherlands including Christine de Lille – Assistant Professor and Founder of Design Doing @KLM, Matthijs Netten – Project manager of Design Doing @ KLM, Rebecca Price – Postdoctoral Researcher people in transit, and Barend Klitsie – PhD Candidate in Design Doing on how to overcome the Valley of Death within companies by design. Kosa Gougher-Lambert (Assistant professor) and Euiyoung Kim (Postdoc. researcher) hosted the event to discuss potential collaboration on future mobility research between two institutions.

Design Doing at KLM (English Sub-title)