BRAVO attends the “Era of the Cyberspace” Fireside Chat


BRAVO’s Graduate Student Researcher, Ankita Joshi, attended a fireside chat on the “Era of the Cyberspace” featuring guest speakers Ann Cleaveland, Executive Director, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, and Steven Weber, Faculty Director, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity and Professor, Political Science and School of Information. This discussion was hosted by the Goldman School of Public Policy’s Introduction to Security Policy (PP255) course taught by Janet Napolitano, former President of the University of California and former Secretary of Homeland Security, and Professor of History and Public Policy, Dr. Daniel Sargent.

The panel discussion not only explored a variety of cybersecurity challenges faced by consumers, private companies, and every level of the government, but also delved into the conflicts between consumers and companies, between nation-states, and between states and non-state actors as a result of cyber-threats. In this context, the panel also discussed the increased vulnerability of cities’ infrastructure and consumer’s data as a result of emerging autonomous vehicle technologies.