Design for Cybersecurity (DfC) Card Is Published


The BRAVO team has recently published a set of design intervention cards named Design for Cybersecurity (DfC).

With the rising concerns of user’s privacy, the DfC Card aims to ensure cybersecurity through design stage methods introduced in website ― Research, Analyze, Ideate, Build and Communicate. The card set encourages and inspires the creative ideas of the users by raising questions in each design stage. 

The BRAVO team carefully developed the DfC Card by reviewing the previous research work and design method cards and looking into relevant cases and examples. The team created three thought-provoking questions in each of the design phases, guiding the users to reconsider and address cybersecurity adequately in the early stage.

With the DfC Card, the BRAVO team hopes to contribute to the design community and students by providing them a new design tool and exploration of new design concepts. Furthermore, better communication and more active exchanges of ideas within a team are expected to be generated using the cards.

The DfC Card is currently in active use in a course “Human-Centered Design Challenge: Making Mobile Sensing and Cybersecurity Tangible” in summer 2019, led by Vivek Rao. After the course, the changes in students’ cybersecurity awareness levels before and after the card’s implementation will be compared and analyzed.

To download the DfC Card in pdf format, click here.